Tropical Rainbow – 11″ Loose Helium Balloons – 1 dozen


Follow the steps below to customize your loose helium-filled balloons!

This collection of loose, helium-filled 11″ balloons includes the following colors: Wild Berry, Coral, Goldenrod, Lime Green, Caribbean Blue, Spring Lilac.

Loose, helium-filled balloons are perfect for tying to chairs and handles to spruce up empty spaces, or for filling bare ceilings.

Each balloon comes tied to a ribbon approx. 6 ft in length. They come bundled together, tied in a loose knot which can easily be undone if you want to spread the balloons about.

All loose, helium-filled balloons come pre-inflated and are available for pickup or delivery. Choose your date and time during checkout.

Click here to view our color chart and for more information about how long your balloons will float.

PLEASE NOTE: All balloons come inflated - Contactless delivery available - Minimum order $70.