A long stream of randomly-sized balloons, organic garland is a fabulous way of highlighting a feature of your event or even dressing railings and columns.

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A wall of randomly-sized balloons, organic walls make excellent backdrops for photos. They’re great for drawing attention to registration desks and dessert tables too!

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An asymmetric ring of randomly-sized balloons, organic rings are great for drawing focus to a particular area. They also make fantastic backdrops for virtual events.

Build your 4ft ring


An organic garland attached to a free-standing structure, complete with a sequin fabric that falls to the floor. Perfect for a photo booth or for highlighting a particular part of the party.

Build your backdrop

Our online builders are great for most cases, but if you need something bigger or something custom (like extra colors, specialty balloons or florals):

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The shape of these metallic spheres makes them look more like chrome beach balls than balloons! Orbs are a great way to add some volume and a glossy splash to your organic structure. They’re available in all colors of the rainbow, plus in gold, silver and rose gold.


When you need to make a big statement, 3ft balloons are the way to go. These big guys are ideal for large indoor spaces or big outdoor installations and come in a wide range of colors.


Subtle and elegant, flowers and foliage are excellent additions to your organic designs. For something a little more daring, we can also include ostrich and peacock feathers. All we need to know is what the type and color of flower/feather you’d like us to include.