Spooky Organic Ring – 4.5ft

From: $210.00

Follow the steps below to build your own Spooky Organic Ring!

A perfect addition to your Halloween decor, the Spooky Organic ring comes with spiders and spider webs as standard.

‘Organic’ refers to the randomly-sized balloons that create a whimsical swoosh design. The balloons are attached to a ring approx. 4.5ft diameter – ideal for placing on a table or even on the floor. The ring is supplied with a cloth to cover the base of the structure.

Organic 4.5ft rings come fully assembled and pre-inflated. They are available for delivery only. The ring structure and the glittery cloth is NOT disposable and will be collected after your event.

Installing the organic ring and removing it is included in the price. The delivery date, time and price is assessed at checkout.

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