New Year’s Set – Party Balls & Metallic Skirt


Follow the steps below to customize your New Year set!

This set includes:

  • 4 x air-filled Party Balls
  • 28ft of silver metallic skirt (falls 29″)

Party Balls are clusters of air-filled balloons that look like atoms. They are supplied with a heavy duty elastic band attached, allowing them to be tied to handles, columns or chairs.

Metallic skirt falls 29″ and is ideal for dressing tables or low walls. Skirts can be attached with tape or may be tied to surfaces. NOTE: metallic skirts are always silver, regardless of color scheme choice.

Everything comes pre-inflated and is available for pickup or delivery. Select your date and time at checkout.

Air-Inflated Balloon Lifespan
Air-inflated latex  5 to 7 days
Air-inflated mylar, foil, and plastic  1+ weeks


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